Our Fee Structure

There are two ways to use our services with different fee structures:

  1. Use or services and buy a property through IPHQ

Investors who buy a property through us are not charged any fees at all because we receive a commission. However, we want to be totally clear that we are placing your interests first at all times! This ensures you are very happy and return to us to buy your future properties – and hopefully recommend us to your friends and family. That is our business model and we insist on being fully transparent about that – it’s all about YOU!

  1. Use our services and buy a property elsewhere.
    If you’d like to use our services to do the job right, but buy a property outside IPHQ then there is a service fee payable of $5,000 (plus 10% GST if you’re in Australia = AUD$5,500). This fee is only payable if you buy a property elsewhere. The choice is yours.

We know that building a profitable property portfolio requires a structured and well-planned approach that is appropriate for your circumstances. Our decades of investment advisory experience ensures that our process is ‘spot on’ every time.

Contact us today and we’ll happily guide you through the many aspects of successful property purchase and ownership. We’d love to help!